Timber, Laminate, Veneer

We can repair:

  • chipped and gouged surfaces
  • scratches and indentations
  • cracks, gaps and holes
  • burn marks
  • splinters and joint openings
  • glue and paint blotching
  • blistered veneer
  • acid wash burns

We attend to natural and engineered timber surfaces (including external cladding), anything from raw timber to laminates.

We restore and repair surface defects on all flooring types, timber screen posts, veneer walls, décor, staircase balustrade, handrails, door and window frames, furniture, laminate finishes, including in caravans.

Each damage and defect is repaired, textured, wood grain effect matched, area creatively coloured, and gloss effect matched to camouflage it with the existing surface.