Repair Artistry

We apply products enabling us to achieve a
high quality replica of the original surface.

 About Us

We believe every consumer should have the ability and exercise the option to repair and not replace

We are a Melbourne based company specialising in proven methods of repair and maintenance of internal and external surfaces made of wood, stone, laminate, vinyl, ceramic, plastic and engineered variants. Our technicians use the highest quality materials and colours developed in Germany for over 100 years, which are time tested against shrinkage, cracking and yellowing of repair. We provide on site service to a range of customers: residential, rental, retail, hotels, builders and insurance.


Repair Services

When you repair instead of replace the surface in its entirety, you eliminate dealing with multiple trades, reducing hassle and saving on costs.

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Please sms, email us, or use the form on our website by hitting the Get A Quote button. Attach a photo of the damage to be repaired, a brief description of its size and location, and we will provide a quotation within 24 business hours.

Our Work

Unlisted Repair?

Is your category of repair not listed here? Get in touch and let us know. There are far too many specialised categories for us to list, so we may still be able to help!