Builder Care Package

Every builder and renovator uncover chips, scratches, cuts, indentations, defective materials, colour damage caused by abrasive chemicals, colour blotches on timber, laminate and veneers caused by paint dripping, plaster and cement dust. Some of these defects are visible immediately while others are uncovered after final cleaning.

To help take the hassle away of recalling trades and repairers, followed by additional clean up, we have developed a hassle-free extended service package to take care of this entire process. Our Builder Care Package comprises of meticulous surface cleaning (final clean), defects repair and a turn key quality polish of cleaned surfaces. These are all in one cost and time effective package for the builder or project manager.

Simply select the type of care you are after, and we will inspect, clean, repair defects, and polish surfaces all in one go.

We Offer:

  • Complete Room Care (we inspect, clean (including fixtures, fittings and mirrors), fill in nail punch holes in joinery, repair and polish all surfaces and joinery in the rooms specified)
  • Floor Care (we inspect, clean, repair and polish all flooring surfaces (timber, stone, tile) throughout the property)
  • Timber, Laminate and Veneer Care (we inspect, clean, fill in nail punch holes, repair and polish timber, laminate and veneers on flooring, joinery and cabinetry surfaces throughout the property)
  • Joinery Care (we inspect, clean, fill in nail punch holes, repair scratches, chips and gaps in joinery components and cabinetry throughout the property (flooring excluded))
  • Tile and Stone care (we inspect, clean, repair and polish tile and stone surfaces throughout the property