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We can repair porcelain, ceramic and various stone tiles:

  • damaged tile edges
  • chips
  • scratches
  • cracks
  • drilled holes
  • damaged and missing grout

Cracks and chips to tile surfaces caused by objects falling and hitting them are the most common type of damage we attend to. Repair of such damage is the preferred solution, especially in wet areas like the bathroom and laundry, as replacement of just one tile will impact the integrity of the waterproofing membrane and would not be up to prescribed industry standards and regulations.

We repair both internal and externally laid tiles.

Our technicians use specialised Ceramic wax filler, touch up paints and gloss coatings to blend and camouflage the damage.

Our repairs save you money, time and are hassle free. You do not need to engage a plumber, electrician, tiler, plasterer, and painter as you often would for the replacement of tiled areas which have been damage.