We can repair:

  • visible gaps between joinery components of the staircase, shelving, mitre joints, etc.
  • damaged edges and corners
  • discolouration
  • defect and damage to wood grain
  • chips
  • scratches and indentations
  • cracks, gaps and drilled holes
  • splits
  • fill in nail punch holes

Damage to staircases, door or window frames, or blistered veneer feature walls will impact the presentation of your entire room if not repaired. Replacement can be costly. If only part of the joinery is replaced it may not properly colour match to the remaining frame.

Our technicians will use a range of wax filler, touch up paints and gloss coatings to blend and camouflage the damage. Wood grain effects and colour are matched on the repaired area for a seamless finish.